Maintaining your website is important to protect it from potential security risks...

Compare Website Maintenance Plans:

Informational Website
Brochure Website/Sports Club
Small to Medium Business
E-Commerce Business
Business Hosting No  No No Yes
Number of Hours of Web Developer Time 1 hour 4 hours 6 hours 16 hours
Website Platform Updates 1 Per Month Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Updates/Month Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Platform Updates. i.e. Magento, Joomla, Wordpress Yes Yes Yes Yes
Platform Migration. i.e. Major version upgrades or convert to Joomla or Magento No No Yes Yes
Extension Update No No Yes Yes
Content Update No Yes Yes Yes
Image/Gallery Update No Yes (up to 25) Yes (up to 50) Unlimited
Malware Scan & Removal No No Monthly Daily
Backup Data & Database Daily Daily Daily Daily Server & Remote
Choose one of the following Add-Ons:     
Product Photography & Processing No No No 100
E-Commerce Product Updates No No No Yes